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Westcombe Red - Westcombe Dairy, Somerset

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Westcombe are famous for their traditional Farmhouse Cheddar but they also make a wide range of amazing cheeses.

Made from the same raw milk they use for their Cheddar and Caerphilly cheeses, Westcombe Red is their take on a traditional Red Leicester. They started making this in the early 2000s, after a visit from food writer and cheese expert Sarah Freeman. Sarah was lamenting the absence of any traditional Red Leicester at that time and challenged them to bring this cheese back from extinction.

Falling somewhere between their complex Traditional Cheddar and more delicate Aged Caerphilly, Westcombe Red is a mellow but characterful semi-hard cheese with a smooth, somewhat crumbly texture. Made in traditional cloth-bound ten kilo wheels and aged for around five months, Westcombe Red boasts a good depth of flavour with lasting notes of roasted nut and fresh summer grass.

  • Silver British Cheese Awards 2012

Raw cow's milk, Traditional rennet (not vegetarian)

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