Award-winning British cheese and meat hamper | Deli Farm Charcuterie | Baron Bigod | Westcombe Red | Keens Mature Cheddar | Mayfield | Yorkshire Blue
Award-winning British cheese and meat hamper | Deli Farm Charcuterie | Baron Bigod | Westcombe Red | Keens Mature Cheddar | Mayfield | Yorkshire Blue

The Cheese and Meat Hamper

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This hamper is jam packed full of cheesy, meaty deliciousness - a full range of British beauties that pair together masterfully!

You can also add on a bottle of Chapel Down Brut NV sparkling wine to your board for the perfect sparkling accompaniment. Made in Kent, Chapel Down are celebrated as one of England's finest wine makers.

The Cheese and Meat Hamper includes:

  • 5 award-winning British cheese (listed below)
  • Accompanying information cards detailing the cheesemaker, history and awards
  • 3 meat mixed charcuterie board from Bray Cured (120g), e.g Berkshire Salami, Fennel Salami and Air Dried Pork Shoulder
  • Trussell Trust food bank meal donation
  • Free weekday delivery

Mayfield (150g) - Alsop & Walker, Sussex

One of our all-time favourites at The Cheese Collective, Mayfield has been carefully crafted by Arthur Alsop and his team in Sussex.
Mayfield is an Emmental-style cheese that is sweet, nutty and creamy, and is delicious on its own or melted into fondues or raclettes. It is matured for 5-7 months, developing into a creamy yet complex cheese with natural eyes (holes).

  • 2014 Super Gold World Cheese Awards (top 50 cheeses in the world)
  • 2011 Gold 3 Stars Great Taste Awards
  • 2010 Gold British Cheese Awards

Yorkshire Blue (150g) - Shepherds Purse, Yorkshire

Launched in 1994, Yorkshire Blue was Shepherds Purse's first blue cheese, and the first blue cheese to be made in Yorkshire for 30 years. 

Creamy, sweet and mild, Yorkshire Blue is a great introduction to blue cheese. With age, the flavour deepens and becomes more complex without compromising the mild creaminess. 

Matured for 8 weeks.

  • 2019 Gold World Cheese Awards 
  • 2019 2 Star Great Taste Awards 
  • 2018 Best English Cheese International Cheese Awards 
  • 2017 Silver British Cheese Awards 

Baron Bigod (250g) - Fen Farm, Suffolk

Baron Bigod is the only traditional raw milk Brie-de-Meaux style cheese produced in the UK, and one of only a handful of its type in the world to be made by the farmer on the farm.

Beneath its nutty, mushroomy rind, Baron Bigod has a smooth, silky golden layer that will often ooze out over the delicate, fresh and citrusy centre.

  • 2019 Silver British Cheese Awards
  • 2018 James Aldridge Memorial Award: 'Best British Raw Milk Cheese'
  • 2017 Gold British Cheese Awards

Keen’s Mature Cheddar (150g) - Keen’s Cheddar, Somerset

The Keen family has been making unpasteurised Keen’s Cheddar since they moved to Moorhayes Farm in 1899. Five generations later, and they are still there and proud to be producing world famous, award-winning British cheddar cheese.

Keen’s Cheddar is made using raw milk and is aged for 18 months, creating a sweet, strong, nutty and moreish cheese that crumbles in the hand and melts in the mouth.

  • 2019 2X Bronze British Cheese Awards
  • 2017 Gold International Cheese Awards
  • 2017 Silver International Cheese Awards

Westcombe Red (150g) - Westcombe Dairy, Somerset

Westcombe Red is a modern take on a traditional Red Leicester, and falls somewhere between a complex Traditional Cheddar and more delicate Aged Caerphilly.

Made in traditional cloth-bound ten kilo wheels and aged for around five months, Westcombe Red boasts a good depth of flavour with lasting notes of roasted nut and fresh summer grass.

  • Westcombe Dairy have won a number of awards, including BBC Food & Farming Award 2012 for Best Food Producer

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