The Cheese Collective X Jura Whisky pairing box

The Cheese Collective X Jura Whisky pairing box

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The Cheese Collective and Jura Single Malt Whisky have joined forces to create a
bespoke box of award-winning artisan cheeses paired with beautiful Jura

A few miles off the west coast of Scotland you’ll find Jura; remote, sometimes wild,
yet always beautiful. Home to roughly 212 islanders, one road, one pub, one whisky
distillery. Since 1810, this unique island malt has been their greatest endeavour and
greatest reward. The distillery is the heart of an unbreakable bond between the
island, the people, and the whisky.

Each box will include 4 award-winning British cheeses that have been hand-
picked for the perfect pairing alongside a Jura Single Malt, as well as collectible
information cards, celebrating the history of both the cheeses and whiskies. 

Each box includes:

Baron Bigod (250g) - Fen Farm Dairy, Suffolk
Paired with Jura Bourbon Cask (20ml). 
Matured in white American oak ex bourbon casks, this whisky is fruity, aromatic and
coastal - quintessentially Jura. This pairs with Baron Bigod which is an award-winning
Brieux-de-Meaux style cheese. Beneath the nutty, mushroomy rind, Baron Bigod has
a smooth, silky golden breakdown which will often ooze out over a delicate, fresh
and citrussy centre.

Aged Gouda (150g) - Connage Highland Dairy, Inverness
Paired with Jura 14 Year Old (20ml).
Matured first in white American oak ex bourbon casks and finished in hand selected
American Rye barrels, adding depth and complexity to this single malt whisky. This
pairs with Aged Gouda from Connage Highland Dairy - a sweet and nutty cheese,
that has been matured to give a stronger, richer flavour. With age comes beauty,
and that is certainly the case for this pairing!

Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher (150g) - Lincolnshire Poacher, Lincolnshire
Paired with Jura 10 Year Old (40ml).
Crafted in exceptionally tall stills and matured for 10 years in American white oak ex
bourbon barrels, Jura 10 Year Old is finished in the finest Oloroso sherry casks from
Jerez Spain which gives it flavours of vanilla, orange, cracked black pepper and
chocolate. This pairs with the Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher, which is a
Comte/Cheddar style cheese that is cold smoked over oak chips. The oak smoke
compliments the aged oak barrel whisky. We loved the idea that you get the delicate
smoke flavour commonly found in whiskies from the cheese in this pairing!

Yorkshire Blue (150g) - Shepherds Purse, North Yorkshire
Paired with Jura Pale Ale Cask (20ml).
This unique cask edition celebrates the connection between land and spirit. For this
release, ex bourbon barrels meet carefully selected pale ale casks to create a
smooth, bright and lively single malt. This pairs with Yorkshire Blue, which is a
delicately creamy blue cheese marries together with the creamy vanilla finish found
in the whisky.

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