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Keens Extra Mature Unpasteurised Cheddar - Keens Cheddar, Somerset

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The Keen family have been making mature unpasteurised Cheddar since they moved to Moorhayes Farm in 1899. Five generations later they are still making traditional farmhouse cheddar and are recognised as one of the best producers in the UK. 

Farmhouse Cheddar follows traditional methods and is made by hand using raw milk from the herd raised on the farm where the cheese is produced. They're cloth bound rather than vacuum packed or waxed sealed, which produces a natural rind on the cheddar. 

Keens Extra Mature Unpasteurised Cheddar is matured for at least 6 months longer than their standard cheddar taking it to a minimum of 18 months. 

This creates a beautiful cheddar that is sweet and strong, nutty and moreish. It crumbles in the hand yet melts in the mouth.

  • Best in Category and Gold Global Cheese Awards 2021
  • 2X Bronze British Cheese Awards 2019
  • Gold, Silver & Bronze Global Cheese Awards 2017

Raw cows milk, Traditional rennet (not vegetarian)

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