Dorset Blue Vinny - Woodbridge Farm, Dorset
Dorset Blue Vinny |Woodbridge Farm | British Blue Cheese

Dorset Blue Vinny - Woodbridge Farm, Dorset

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Dorset Blue Vinny has a delicate veining pattern giving it a more subtle flavour, with a crumbly, creamy texture.

Made at Woodbridge Farm, in the heart of Dorset. The 300 year old recipe was
resurrected by Mike Davies some 40 years ago – he enrolled the entire family
and took over the farm kitchen and his wife’s larder until he perfected the

It’s still made on their farm today, using milk from their herd of Friesian cows.
They are the only producers of this unique pasteurised cheese, which is
handmade, using vegetarian rennet.

There are some wonderful stories behind the ‘blueing’ of the cheese. Some cheesemakers  would drag mouldy harnesses through the milk, or store the maturing cheeses next to the farmers muddy boots to encourage the mould to grow.

It  has also featured on numerous television programs including James Martin’s Saturday Morning Kitchen, and Escape to the

  • Best Blue and People's Choice at the Great British Cheese Awards 2018
  • Gold World Cheese Awards 2018

Pasteurised cows milk, Vegetarian rennet

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