Did you know about Woolcool’s Circular Economy Scheme?

At The Cheese Collective we're passionate about sustainability which is why we use Woolcool liners to keep our cheeses chilled while they're on their way to you!

There are load of fun and interesting ways your can reuse your Woolcool liners at home and in the garden. You can use it for filling soft furnishing, lining pets cages or providing insulation around pipes in the winter. For a full range of suggestions and ideas check out #letsboxclever for all the innovative ways people have reused them or check out recycling ideas on their website.

You can also return your old liners directly to Woolcool for free with their Circular Economy Scheme.

So, simply take a box and fill it with as many Woolcool loners as possible.

Challenge yourself to fit as many in as you can, as this will allow them to ensure maximum reuse of materials, whilst reducing the carbon footprint even further when shipping back to them. 

With this in mind, they recently completed a carbon footprint analysis which found that this scheme works best when returning a minimum of 5 insulation liners at a time.

Once your liners are sealed well inside your box, or bag, click here to head over to Royal Mail’s ‘Return your item to Woolcool’ page, and follow the instructions below:

  • Select the shape of your parcel
  • Confirm the weight and size of your parcel
  • Fill in where your received the packaging from
    (i) this is the company who delivered the items packaged inside Woolcool to you
  • Complete your details
    (i) They do not keep your details on file, this is just for Royal Mail in case the item doesn’t make it back to us
  • Click Continue
  • You will be asked how you would like to return the parcel to them…