The Father's Day Box
The Father's Day Box
The Father's Day Box
The Father's Day Box

The Father's Day Box

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The Father's Day Box is jam-packed with delicious cheeses and accompaniments that are sure to make any man happy on the big day!
This box includes:
  • 5 specially selected artisan British cheeses (list below) with accompanying information cards
  • A box of Cheddar Gorge cheese straws
  • A box of Peter's Yard crackers
  • A jar of Tracklements chutney
  • A Trussell Trust food bank meal donation

Free weekday delivery also comes as standard

Cornish Blue (150g) - Cornish Cheese Company, Cornwall
Designed to be eaten as a young cheese, Cornish Blue is a very different product from traditional English blue cheeses. Its flavour is mild and creamy, with a dense texture and buttery richness, instead of the ‘salty tang’ common of other traditional blue cheeses.

  • Bronze British Cheese Awards 2019
  • Bronze British Cheese Awards 2018
  • 2x Gold World Cheese Awards 2017

Pasteurised cows milk, Vegetarian rennet

Sharpham Rustic (150g) - Sharpham, Devon
This wonderful cheese has a deliciously crumbly texture, golden colour and a delicate, slightly citrus flavour.

  • Gold Taste of the West 2019
  • Gold British Cheese Awards 2019
  • Gold International Cheese Awards 2018

Raw cows milk, Vegetarian rennet

Hal-Ewe-Me (150g) - Blue Sky, Lincolnshire
Hal-Ewe-Me is the newest cheese we stock, and was launched in May 2020 by Jeremy and Becky Cooper. Made by hand on farm using 100% ewes milk from their flock of Zwartbles, this halloumi-style cheese is best enjoyed grilled, dry fried or on the bbq to bring out the sweet buttery taste.

  • Bronze British Cheese Awards 2021

Raw ewe’s milk, Vegetarian rennet

Westcombe Red (150g) - Westcombe Dairy, Somerset
Falling somewhere between a Traditional Cheddar and more delicate Aged Caerphilly, Westcombe Red is a mellow yet characterful semi-hard cheese with a smooth, somewhat crumbly texture. Made in traditional cloth-bound ten kilo wheels and aged for around five months, Westcombe Red boasts a good depth of flavour with lasting notes of roasted nut and fresh summer grass.

  • Silver British Cheese Awards 2012

Raw cow's milk, Traditional rennet (not vegetarian)

Platinum Blue (150g) - Hartington Creamery, Derbyshire
This semi-soft creamy blue cheese has a brine-washed edible rind and is Hartington Creamery’s specially created gesture to commemorate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Year.

As a limited edition cheese, this cheese has not won any awards, but is truly excellent.

Pasteurised cow's milk, Vegetarian rennet

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