Beauvale | Cropwell Bishop Creamery, Nottinghamshire
The Summer Box
Tunworth | Hampshire Cheese | 250g
Hal-Ewe-Mee, Blue Sky, Lincolnshire
Westcombe Cheddar, Westcombe Dairy, Somerset

The Summer Box

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The Summer Box contains some of The Cheese Collective's favourite British cheeses. Whether you’re planning a romantic picnic or attending a summer BBQ, our Summer Box contains the perfect selection for any event this season!

This box includes:

  • 5 specially selected artisan British cheeses (list below) with accompanying information cards
  • A box of Cheddar Gorge cheese straws
  • A box of Peter's Yard crackers
  • A jar of Tracklements chutney (Chilli Jam, Onion Marmalade or Fruit Quince)
  • A Trussell Trust food bank meal donation
Free weekday delivery also comes as standard
Mayfield - Alsop & Walker, Sussex (150g)
Alsop and Walker’s Mayfield is unique, the first whole cheese in the UK with natural eyes. It is a cross between an Emmental and a Comte, with a smooth creamy texture and slightly nutty flavour with a hint of sweetness.
  • Bronze World Cheese Awards 2018
  • Super Gold World Cheese Awards (top 50 cheeses in the world)
  • 3 Stars Great Taste Awards 2011
  • Gold British Cheese Awards 2010
Pasteurised cows milk, Vegetarian rennet

Beauvale (150g) - Cropwell British Creamery, Derbyshire 
Cropwell Bishop Creamery are masters of blue cheese and have been producing award winning Stilton since the early 20th century. Beauvale, by Cropwell Bishop Creamery, is really something special.  
The newest of their range, this indulgent blue cheese has been carefully developed to perfection and is similar to an Italian dolcelatte or gorgonzola, melting in pockets at room temperature.
With a soft, spreadable texture and mellow flavour, Beauvale is perfect for both Stilton fans and those who prefer a milder blue.  
  • 2019 Gold British Cheese Awards,
  • 2019 Gold World Cheese Awards,
  • 2019 3 Star Great Taste Award,
  • 2019 Great British Foods Highly Commended
Pasteurised cows milk, Traditional rennet (not vegetarian)

Hal-Ewe-Me (150g) - Blue Sky, Lincolnshire
Blue Sky Cheese makes this cheese by hand on their farm using 100% ewes milk from their flock of Zwartbles.
The cheese is similar to the well know Cypriot-style cheese but with a more complex farmhouse flavour.
Hal-Ewe-Mee is best enjoyed grilled, dry fried or on the BBQ to bring out the sweet buttery taste.
  • Bronze British Cheese Awards 2021
Raw ewe's milk, Vegetarian rennet

Westcombe Cheddar (150g) - Westcombe Dairy, Somerset
Westcombe Cheddar is Westcombe Dairies flagship cheese – a handcrafted, traditional clothbound Somerset cheddar. It’s made from raw cow’s milk and has been made at Westcombe Dairy the same way for over 100 years ago.
Expressing the full character of their East Somerset terroir, Westcombe Cheddar is honoured with the ‘Artisan Somerset Cheddar’ designation from Slow Food, one of only three cheeses to have this.
  • Gold & Silver British Cheese Awards 2019
  • Gold & Bronze British Cheese Awards 2018
Raw cow's milk, Traditional rennet (not vegetarian)
Suitable alternatives could be made for certain cheeses. 

Tunworth (250g) - Hampshire Cheese Company, Hampshire
Tunworth is a British camembert with a soft, white rind, wonderfully reminiscent of its French cousin.
Despite being refined and perfected over the years, Tunworth is still made entirely by hand – from the first ladle of pasteurised whole cow’s milk to the waxed paper wrap and box packaging.
The finished 250g cheese has a soft, thin and wrinkled rind, a rich and earthy mushroom fragrance, and a long-lasting sweet and nutty flavour.
  • Bronze & Silver British Cheese Awards 2019
  • 2 x Gold World Cheese Awards 2018
  • Gold British Cheese Awards 2016
  • Gold World Cheese Awards 2015
Pasteurised cow's milk, Traditional rennet

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