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St. Jude (90g) - St Jude Cheese, Suffolk

St. Jude (90g) - St Jude Cheese, Suffolk

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Lovingly made in small batches by Julie Cheyney on Cricklemore farm. Julie uses raw milk, from the herd of Montbéliarde cows on the farm. This bread gives a high protein milk which is excellent for cheesemaking and goes into renowned cheeses such as Vacherin, Comté and Reblochon. 

The milk is piped from the milking parlour to the cheese room where, barely an hour old, the cultures are added to acidify the milk and thus the cheesemaking process has begun. There are many factors that affect the milk composition throughout the year, such as the cow’s stage of lactation and what she is eating. These seasonal changes influence the taste and texture of the cheese which provide some of the characteristics of a true farmhouse, handmade cheese.

St. Jude is a lactic style cheese with a wrinkled, mould ripened rind and a smooth paste. Usually eaten between 2-5 weeks old St.Jude develops from a young, fresh and creamy cheese to more complex flavours leaning towards buttery in the winter and more vegetal, grassy notes when the cows are out to pasture.

  • Reserve Champion British Cheese Awards 2022
  • 2019 Silver World Cheese Awards,
  • 2019 Gold & Silver British Cheese Awards
Raw cows milk, Traditional rennet (not vegetarian)

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