Double Barrel - Lincolnshire Poacher, Lincolnshire

Double Barrel - Lincolnshire Poacher, Lincolnshire

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Brothers, Simon and Tim Jones are behind Lincolnshire Poacher and are fourth generation farmers, their family have been running the farm since 1917. Their Father, Richard started up the dairy part of their business in 1970's and Simon started making cheese on a small scale when he returned from agricultural school in 1992.

Now the business has grown and they use all the milk from their 230 Holstein Friesian cows to produce a range of artisan cheeses. 

As with all artisan cheeses the flavour and texture changes with each batch dependent on season, weather, stage in lactation as well as a whole host of other factors.

Double Barrel is an aged Lincolnshire Poacher,  matured for between 2 and 3 years (instead of 12-14 months) and  is selected for its rich, strong, savoury taste. Perfect for people who love their cheese to have a really big flavour.

Lincolnshire Poacher is made with a recipe that is a cross between a traditional cheddar and continental alpine cheese such as Comte.  

They taste all of their cheeses at 12 months and decide how long to hold onto it.

  • Bronze British Cheese Awards 2016

Raw cows milk, Traditional rennet (not vegetarian) 

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