Appleby's Cheshire - Appleby's, Shropshire

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Appleby's is a family business led by Paul and Sarah Appleby. They have Paul's grandparents, Lance and Lucy Appleby to thank for the traditions they follow today, founding the cheese business in 1952.

Lucy came from a long line of cheese-making matriarchs, with the practice being a traditionally female role.

Their Cheshire is a timeless, traditional British Territorial cheese full of delicious, grassy, piquant flavours. Annatto is added to give the cheese a warm, sunrise colour. It has an earthy complexity and a subtleness that lingers.

  • Gold & Bronze World Cheese Awards 2019
  • Gold International Cheese Awards 2019
  • Bronze British Cheese Awards 2019

Raw cows milk, Traditional rennet (not vegetarian).

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