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If one cheese box just isn’t enough for you, you’ll be happy to hear that we offer a subscription service for both The Mixeroo and The Beast. 

Simply sign up now and we’ll do the hard work for you, ensuring you receive new cheese boxes on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

Do you have a cheese aficionado in your life? We believe our cheese box subscriptions are the ultimate gifts and will earn you some serious brownie points (or should we say cheesy points…)

The Mixeroo (£30/month) or The Beast (£60/month), delivered monthly or quarterly


Options - The Mixaroo/The Beast

3, 6, 9 12 months

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Payments for the subscription will be taken on the date of order, and then will automatically be taken on the same date each month (for monthly subscriptions), or every three months (for quarterly subscriptions). 

Delivery dates

Your first cheese subscription box will arrive within one working day. All subsequent boxes will then arrive within three working days of your payment date. 


We hope you enjoy your cheese box subscription, but if it just isn’t working out, of course you can cancel it. 

We offer free cancellation with a week’s notice before your payment date, with a minimum of two months of subscription.